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Specialized services

We offer world-class and proven effective Continuous Improvement services:

1.Lean Six Sigma

  • Training and Certifications (White, Yellow, Green and Black Belts)

  • Specialized Training Modules

  • Project Coaching

  • Project Leadership

2.Continuous Improvement program design and deployment

3.Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

1. Lean Six Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma

Training and Certification – world-class training and certification program conducted in person by a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Each course is designed to enable participants have a wholistic and hands-on learning experience including effective and exciting simulations, actual project work, knowledge evaluations and industry benchmarks.


LSS White Belt

LSS Yellow Belt

LSS Green Belt

LSS Black Belt

LSS for Champions

Course Duration

1 day 

2 days 

10 days 

20 days 

1 day 

Specialized Lean Six Sigma Training modules – we deliver training workshops for specific modules as needed by the organization. We offer all modules in the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Some of the common modules are:

  • Introduction to Six Sigma 

  • Design of Experiments

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Statistical Process Control (Control Charts)

  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis 

  • Process Capability

  • Change Management

Project Coaching – The real value (and fun) happens when trained participants start executing their improvement projects. TCIS provides a structured and easy system to coach and enable project leaders complete their projects on time and on budget.

Project Leadership – As needed or for big impact, high profile projects, our Lean Six Sigma experts can personally lead your project and deliver the results faster and above your expectations.

Continuous Improvement

2. Continuous Improvement Program Design and Deployment

Organizations need to establish a strong continuous improvement culture to sustain improvements and remain competitive in the business. A company that embraces continuous improvement relies on the engagement, capability and motivation of all their employees as they go through their never-ending continuous improvement journey.

TCIS has the expertise and deep experience to help organizations design, pilot, roll out and sustain an organization-wide continuous improvement. As your organization has its own culture, size, products/services, customer/supplier profiles and other unique characteristics, we strive to fully understand your situation and come up with a program proposal that would be the most effective and sustainable for your organization.

We can guide you in all stages of your continuous improvement journey including:

  1.   Strategic/Operational Planning,

  2.   Metrics and Standards development,

  3.   Operational Reviews,

  4.   Problem-Solving,

  5.   Capability Development,

  6.   Rewards and Recognition, and

  7.   Maturity Coaching and Assessments

Total Productive Maintenance

3. Total Productive
Maintenance (TPM)

When you want to apply TPM in order to achieve world-class manufacturing performance, our experts can help all throughout the journey. Together with your team, we will map out and execute a clear, step by step and measurable plan to achieve breakthrough results, transformation of the workplace and increase in people competency of the whole organization.

Ron Auza, TCIS principal consultant, is a certified TPM coach and trainer. He has led one Nestle Factory to pass Phase 0 and roll out TPM to all other lines within one year. Some of the TPM results as measured from the Pilot line includes:

  • Machine efficiency improved from 68% to 80%

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) increased from 40 to 100 hours, and

  • Unplanned stops reduced from 23% to 12%

Step function and sustainable improvements in equipment reliability, productivity and product quality are just some of the key benefits of applying TPM methodologies to your manufacturing operations.

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