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Skip Survival Jobs: Establish a career immediately upon entry as a new immigrant

About the Book

Within two months of his arrival in Canada, Ron started his first job as a director of business excellence in a large multinational company. In this book he shares the hope that new immigrants can choose a different reality; that going with the crowd is not always the best or most rewarding path. Ron tells how he did it and offers his advice to new immigrants so they can skip survival jobs and quickly establish their desired careers upon entry in a new country.


“Skip Survival Jobs is an inspiring “must read” for any current or future immigrant. Ron Auza provides practical insights on the process of successfully landing an excellent job as an immigrant, as well as the motivation to pursue your career dreams in your new country.”


Travis Ratnam

Managing Consultant, Adonis Partners

"Survival Jobs" Defined

A survival job is generally defined as a job that is not in line with your career aspirations. Such a job is deemed necessary for the meantime while searching for opportunities that are consistent with one’s field of work. These jobs, for the most part, pay minimum wage and could be either part-time or full-time work.  Typically, these service-oriented jobs involve facing customers in fast-food restaurants and stores. Hiring requirements for survival jobs are minimal; benefits are fewer and often temporary.

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