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About TCIS

TCIS was established on one core principle that any organization can achieve sustainable benefits by applying continuous improvement methodologies. These benefits include, but not limited to, increased efficiency, reduced cost, improved quality performance, increased sales, employee retention and sustainable company culture.

Our team focuses on three main areas that clients need for their organizations: Continuous Improvement Deployment, Lean Six Sigma Application and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). We are fully flexible and committed to understand the unique needs of our clients and provide them with the best solution to their needs.

At TCIS, we are obsessed about delivering value to the individuals and organizations we serve. Through this continuous value creation, we seek to maintain mutual partnership with our clients in their continuous improvement journey.


Discovery & Diagnostics

First, we will listen and learn from your unique current situation. From here we will help your team diagnose problems/pain points and discover opportunities for improvement.


Solution Formulation

Based on results from step 1, we will lead your team in finding the most effective and best solutions based on our deep experience in problem-solving and vast knowledge of best practices implemented by Fortune 500 companies.



When necessary, our experts can personally lead, train and/or coach the organization towards implementing the solutions and generating sustainable benefits for the organization.

Ron Auza

Principal Consultant


Ron has vast experience working with top multinational companies in improving quality and productivity and deploying organization-wide business excellence programs in both the manufacturing and service industries.

As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt since 2010, Ron has led big organizations in the design, roll out and sustenance of their Continuous Improvement programs. Here are some of the engagements he had with companies:

1.Led the deployment of continuous improvement journey at Littelfuse that resulted to growing the business of a department from $28M in 2004 to $40M business in 2008.

2.Established and led one Nestle Waters factory to pass TPM Phase 0 requirements and increased asset intensity from 68% to 80% within one year (2016-2017)

3.Designed and implemented continuous improvement culture at Berry Global (US and Canada) and generated $1M of savings per year (2015-2016)

4.Conduct Lean diagnostics, workshop and project execution to realize $2M of productivity savings per year for Nielsen US and Canada (2018)

5.Improved Inside Sales efficiency and productivity for Vicwest Building Products, Canada resulting to $250,000 of savings per year (2018)

6.Trained and coached Green Belt projects for Mother Parkers resulting to $400,000 of cost savings per year (2018)

Ron has completed Advance Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma at Villanova University (Pennsylvania, USA) and is a certified Project Manager (PRINCE2-PRojects IN Controlled Environments Practitioner). He is also a registered Electrical Engineer and completed his MBA in 2008. He is the owner and principal consultant of TCIS.

Gilbert Febiar


Gilbert is a Continuous Improvement and

Project Management practitioner with more than 16 years of experience in Container Shipping, Logistics, Business Process Outsourcing, and Process Management. 


In his capacity as a change agent, he took on important roles in some of the company's key priority projects as well as global deployments of Business and Operational Excellence initiatives which include: 


 1. Project Assurance for Maersk's "First Time Resolution of customer concerns" from a baseline of 59% to 80% as of 2016.


 2. Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Training & Development (2011-2014).

3. Project Management of Reduction of failed EDI transmissions from Terminal Operations in South Europe and West Central Asia from 60% to 20% in 2011.

4. System Development and Process Centralization of

Maersk Logistic's Global Invoice Generating Applications (2005-2006).


Gilbert holds a certification in Lean Six Sigma as a Black Belt as well as certifications in Total Quality Management and Prince2 Project Management. He is also a validated

Lean Six Sigma coach. 

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